Stuart Albert
Stuart Albert

Timing is everything.

Your success depends as much on when you act as it does what action you take. Stuart Albert's work with leaders helps them determine and manage issues of timing for their most critical initiatives.

Turn timing into a competitive advantage

  • Helping Leaders Perfect Their Timing

    Leaders today are operating in an unparalleled world of complexity, uncertainty and risk, yet charged with delivering consistently superior results. We know timing is everything yet over and over again people and organizations get it wrong with disappointing results, lost opportunities, or worse. Why? The fact is we don’t give timing the same attention we give to other aspects of critical decision making.

    Through his keynote speaking and consulting work, Stuart Albert proves that timing is in fact a skill that should applied analytically—not just intuitively—and can become a significant competitive advantage for individuals and organizations, equipping them to better see windows of opportunity, manage risk, and improve the likelihood of delivering successful results.

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  • When: The Art of Perfect Timing

    "This detail-rich, case-study-based volume is a truly unique addition to the business literature, and Albert’s common-sense points will prove a boon to readers eager to make time count."Publisher's Weekly

    Named "one of the best new business books" by, When: The Art of Perfect Timing presents a fresh and practical approach to dealing with timing issues. Albert shows that good timing is not just a matter of luck, intuition, or past experience—all of which may be unreliable—but requires skill. When teaches you to use timing to your advantage.

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